Red Jasper Ring

Red Jasper Ring

Pull strength from the warriors of old.


Red jasper is a stone found worldwide, and thus hold significance in many traditions. According to Viking and Germanic lore, the hilt of the sword Siegfried the Dragonslayer was inlaid with red jasper. The Egyptians likened it to the blood of Mother Isis, and used it in amulets of protection for the deceased. Many Native American traditions called it the blood of Mother Earth, and used it to increase one's connection to the earth. In modern traditions, it is considered a stone of focus and determination.


However this stone speaks to you, it will definitely be an amazing addition to your collection!


This ring is handmade from anodized aluminum, which will not tarnish and is very lightweight. 


disclaimer: due to natural variations in stone, the patterning of your ring may be different from the one pictured. 

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