First of all, I’d like to personally thank everyone who visits this site and takes the time to read this page. Creating this business has been a labor of love and has taken the usual recipe of blood, sweat, and tears to build. As a mother I’m no stranger to this, but I must admit that hardly prepared me for chasing my passion. I’m an avid hiker and love to visit the ocean, and draw much of my inspiration from nature and fantasy. I believe in chasing your dreams, taking the things you love most in life and combining them to create your passion, and then making that passion come to life no matter what it takes.

     I first discovered how to weave chainmaille by simply borrowing a book from the library. I had no prior knowledge, no mentor, and this was before the internet was so readily available so no YouTube either! Thus I began the hard way, pinch-cutting my own rings, and making plenty of mistakes. I learned to create my own knit patterns and muddled my way through to the beautiful creations you see now offered on the site.
My first foray into glasswork was much more recent than chainmaille, so please keep checking in for new items. As my skill grows, so too will my inventory!

     While many may find my story inspirational, I must admit that is not what I strive for, though it’s nice to know I may embolden someone to chase their own dreams. Like a phoenix, I believe all things come in a cycle. You make something from nothing, or next to nothing, cobbling together the ashes to create a wondrous creature. And like the phoenix, an ending is only a new beginning. You must forge your own path, and when you fail you must rise from the ashes like a phoenix.