Hi, I'm Chelsea, and I run the Forge! 

     I’ve always been super artsy fartsy, and loved making things. Well when I was in high school, one day I really just needed something new to work on. So I went to the library to go look through the how-to books. I never made it to actually looking through the books because front and center was a chain mail jewelry book. This blew my teenage mind. I always found chain mail fascinating, but I didn’t realize that it was even a thing people did anymore. I didn’t realize you could do anything with it other than armor. So yeah, I devoured that book and bought wire and started making chainmail.

And I’ve been at it ever since!!

     Like a phoenix, I believe all things come in a cycle. You make something from nothing, or next to nothing, cobbling together the ashes to create a wondrous creature. And like the phoenix, an ending is only a new beginning. You must forge your own path, and when you fail you must rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I believe in chasing your dreams, taking the things you love most in life and combining them to create your passion, and then making that passion come to life no matter what it takes.