General Questions


Can I wear the armor in battle?

 I don't know, can you?


(seriously) Will the armor actually protect me?

Jewelry pieces will definitely not protect you. All armor pieces are currently made from aluminum and will also not protect you. 


That being said, even "historically accurate" chainmaille isn't protective in the way most people think. It will protect you from having your abdomen slashed open, sure. But it does not protect against blunt force. So you can still end up with broken bones, bruises, possibly even internal bleeding. So please, just don't, okay guys? I warned you.


Will the chain or scales rust?

Any steel except Stainless Steel will rust. Anodized aluminum (which is what I use for most of my products) does not rust. Non-anodized aluminum does not rust, but it can form a greyish coating of aluminum oxide. This does not compromise the integrity of the metal in the same way as rust however, and is nothing to worry about. (see cleaning information below for more details) 


Do you recommend <product> for children?

Though all chainmaille products are quite strong, they do contain small parts, therefore I do not recommend them for children under 3


Do the dragons get along with dogs/cats/children?

All dragons are hatched in a household that has 2 children, a dog, and a cat, so the dragons are accustomed to pretty much anything. From my experience, these are the responses


Children love dragons, dragons love children. But sometimes children can get a bit rough, so please supervise. 

Dogs and dragons are pretty indifferent to each other

Cats are weird and there is no way of predicting their behavior, so please supervise all interactions for the safety of your dragon.


What are the feeding/care instructions for the dragons?

Dragons are pretty good at foraging food for themselves, and don't require much in the way of care and maintenance. They don't like baths, but will begrudgingly take one if necessary.


Do they require special live-animal freight charges?

No, they just curl up and sleep for the whole ride. No one suspects a thing!


Will the armored dice bag protect me against natural 1's?

I am not an enchanter....so no.


How do I clean my chain or scale pieces?

All items can be gently washed in warm soapy water. Fine metal jewelry can also be cleaned using a jewelry polishing cloth, or professional jewelry cleaner.


What do I do if  <item> breaks?

Your items should not break through normal wear and tear. If it does somehow break, please contact me and include photos of the damage, and I will work with you from there.


Can I get <item> in a different color than listed?

I will soon have up a list of all available materials and the colors they come in, but until then, contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your request.


I am allergic to <random metal> do your products contain it?

The metals used are listed on each individual item. I never use metals of questionable content, so there should not be any problems. If you are allergic to a metal used in a product, feel free to contact me about having one made in a different metal (prices are variable based on metal costs, but I always work with you to find an affordable option)


I am strictly gluten free, which of your products would be safe for me?

uhhhhh.........you do know what gluten is, right?


Can you teach me how to <blank>?

I do plan on publishing some tutorials in the future, and possibly offering kits to go with them. If you have basic questions about chainmaille or scalemaille, feel free to shoot me a message and I will help, within reason. I believe knowledge should be available to all, however, my time is very valuable and important to me, so if you need in-depth, personal assistance, I will currently have to decline. I may offer online lessons eventually though, so check back!


I am doing a photo shoot/play/movie/larp/etc...do you do full costuming? Can it be rented?

Yes, I love making costumes! All inquiries about custom work should be sent to me directly. As for rentals, it's not something I directly offer, but a return on a custom order only nets you 70% value, so that's sort of the same thing? Though if you do plan on doing that, maybe be nice and let me know when you first place the order?


Do you do bulk discounts?

I do not do bulk discounts, but I do offer wholesale to authorized retailers. Email me for my wholesale pricing list!



How much is shipping?

In the U.S.:

orders under 35 dollars are 3.00 shipping.

anything over 35 dollars is free shipping.

glasswares have their own individual shipping rates due to the extra packaging required to prevent breakage.


Do you ship outside the US?

I have not currently calculated shipping rates to many other countries, but feel free to contact me and I will get the information for you.


What service do you use to ship orders?

I ship through the USPS, but if you would like another service, contact me and we will see what can be done!


Can I track my shipment?

Once your purchase has been shipped, you will get an email confirmation that includes a tracking number


Can I change my order?

If you contact me before your order is shipped, your order can be changed. After your order is shipped, you will have to return any unwanted items and order any extras in a separate order.


Can I cancel my order?

If you contact me before you receive the email that contains your tracking number, your order can be cancelled and any shipping charges will be refunded along with your order. If  your order has already been shipped, then you will have to do a return instead. 


Do you do returns/exchanges?

For 30 days, undamaged items can be returned for a full refund, minus shipping charges. Customer pays return shipping.

Custom items can only be returned for a 70% discount. Why? Well, I made that item special for you, and you didn't even want it! Since it was a custom order, it was probably made with supplies I don't usually have, so the 30% is to cover supplies.



More questions? Please email me at chelsea.m.penny@gmail.com (or use the contact page if you want. They both go to the same place! But the Powers That Be say my email also has to be plainly listed on site somewhere!)