Scale Bra Top

Scale Bra Top

Are you a mermaid in disguise? Or maybe a fairy? Possibly even a dragon? Let your inner wild thing shine with this scaled bra/bikini top!



Made 100% to your custom measurements for a guaranteed fit, this top is tailored to fit perfectly to the shape of your breast. A reinforcement is worked into the scales in place of an underwire, for extra support. If even more support is wanted, it can be worked into a t-back design. No lining is required, as the scales do not twist and pinch, but if desired, stick on bra cups work great underneath



Safe for wear in water, will not rust or tarnish. (note: the rings on the backside are not anodized, and will take on a greyish tint. This is not structural, though it will rub off on your skin. A gentle scrub with soap and water will remove the color from both your skin and the metal.)


Please take the following measurements while wearing an unpadded bra that fits well and include them with your order (if you have trouble taking these measurements, you can also include your bra size so I can use it for comparison)

A. From the top of where you want the point of the cup to nipple/center of breast

B. From top of cup straight down to center of underbust

C. From that same center of underbust along your bra strap to under your arm (about where the side seam on a shirt would be)

Also include: Strap type (bikini or t-back) (note, currently the pictures show it with leather ties, the straps will be metal and have and adjustable side clasp)  And whether you want the cups separated (lots of cleavage, like a bikini) or with more coverage in the center (like the one pictured, less cleavage)


This item is made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!



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