Infinity Rings

Infinity Rings

Destroy the universe with a snap of your fingers!


These rings are stylized after the infinity stones, but can be worn any way you like! 

 The classic version of the gauntlet has red=thumb, yellow=index, blue=middle, purple=ring, orange=pinky and green on the back of the hand. 

The movie version has green=thumb, purple=index, blue=middle, red=ring, orange=pinky and yellow on the back of the hand. 

If you feel like you can't handle all of the power of the universe, perhaps give the last stone to a friend? (Most women can wear a size 6 and most men a 10)

To figure out what sizes you need, here's a handy printable ring sizer and measurement chart  (in case you can't print!)


made of anodized aluminum, these rings are hypollaergenic, colorfast, and will not turn your fingers colors!

(this listing is for a full set of 6 rings!)

Regular price $40.00

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